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Concert “Unidentified Musical Cycles of M. K. Čiurlionis”

Concert “Unidentified Musical Cycles of M. K. Čiurlionis”

Concert of the 20th International Conference “PRINCIPLES OF MUSIC COMPOSING: Phenomenon of Teleology”

A bundle of musical fragments that Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis has written under the spell of inspiration has never been considered as an integral work, even more the composer himself hasn’t named them as such and hasn’t completed them as required by tradition. The first who identified, researched and described these spontaneous cycles was prof. dr. Rimantas Janeliauskas.

According to him, the composer has created a series of multi-movement cycles throughout his life. In the foreword of his monograph, Unidentified cycles of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Janeliauskas wrote: “Unidentified musical cycles are unsurpassable in respect of their artistic excellence just as the artist’s cycles of paintings. They are enigmatic mastership secrets for a composer, conceptual solutions for an interpreter and a test of criteria for a musicologist. Indeed, unidentified musical cycles are a challenge facing every intellectual musician.

Čiurlionis is not just a predecessor of Lithuanian professional music. It is proper to say – he is the pioneer of genius of a national music.” From sixteen Unidentified Cycles (UC), six of them will be performed in the concert. The early ones: UC I, III, VIII; the late ones: UC X, XI, XVI.


Duration: 1 hour

Organizers: Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Lithuanian Composers’ Union

Authors / performers

Students and graduates of prof. Jurgis Karnavičius:
Evelina Kuprytė
Kamilė Kaučikaitė
Karolina Tabero
Vincenzo De Martino
Bernardas Sokolovas
Lina Žutautaitė


Unidentified musical cycle I “Forest preludes” (1901)
Perf.: Evelina Kuprytė

Unidentified musical cycle III “The Flood” (1901)
Perf.: Kamilė Kaučikaitė

Unidentified musical cycle VIII “The Dzūkian Moonlight” (1906)
Perf.: Karolina Tabero

Unidentified musical cycle X “The Sea Etudes” (1907)
Perf.: Vincenzo De Martino

Unidentified musical cycle XI “The Elements” (1908)
Perf.: Bernardas Sokolovas

Unidentified musical cycle XVI “Jūratė” (1909)
Perf.: Lina Žutautaitė