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Short Films From The Seaside

Short Films From The Seaside

A screening of 11 new feature and documentary short films on LMTA TV. All the films were shot during the two cinema workshops that took place in September of 2020 in the Lithuanian seaside region.

During 2020 edition of the Summer Media Studio, young film professionals and film school students had the possibility to explore the specifics of Sound and Music in Film and it’s applicability in various film genres. Meanwhile, the participants of the NordBaltic Incubator: Documentary Klaipėda’20 workshop had a chance to create short documentary films exploring the topic of this year’s workshop – Portrait of a Contemporary. All the films created during the workshop unveiled the personalities of various Klaipėda residents: the captain of a private ship, a ticket collector and many others.

Duration: 110 min.

Partners: Summer Media Studio, Nordbaltic Incubator

Authors / performers

Film directors: S. Mozūra, P. Lazutkaitė, K. Pilinkus, L. Valkiūnas, A. Rekašiūtė, V. Bružaitė, P. Oficerovas, L. Švėgždaitė, L. Rubinas, V. Jaruševičius, I. Cijūnėlytė


Sound and Music in Film:

  • Ice Cream By The Sea  (dir. S. Mozūra)
  • Home (dir. P. Lazutkaitė)
  • SeaKey (dir. K. Pilinkus)
  • Behind The Scenes’20 – Passion And Panic In Pervalka (dir. L. Valkiūnas)

Portrait of a Contemporary:

  • Inspire (dir. A. Rekašiūtė)
  • Is There Anybody Out There? (dir. V. Bružaitė)
  • Without A Fish (dir. P. Oficerovas)
  • Ignis (dir. L. Švėgždaitė)
  • Seasick (dir. L. Rubinas)
  • Fine (dir. V. Jaruševičius)
  • For You (dir. I. Cijūnėlytė)