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Third Session of the Conference: Teleological Alternatives beyond the Narratve

Third Session of the Conference: Teleological Alternatives beyond the Narratve

On November 18–20, the 20th International Conference “Principles of Music Composing: Phenomenon of Teleology” will be held to examine compositional issues and study them on a theoretical level.

The conference was not curbed by the unusual conditions of this year, although it was forced to change the nature of its implementation. For the first time, the conference will be organized virtually. This is a great opportunity for an even larger audience unrestricted by any barriers to join!

This year’s theme resonates with a common dilemma of a processive art creator – what transformation of a work takes place in the perspective of a definite time. In other words, towards which goal the material of the work is oriented and what path is chosen before the fulfillment of that goal. Speakers from Lithuania, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Austria, Serbia, Ukraine and Poland will share their theoretical insights and actively discuss these issues.

Authors / performers

Chair: dr. Ramūnas Motiekaitis

Speakers: Simas Sapiega, Rima Povilionienė, Rytis Mažulis, Vytautas Germanavičius, Thomas Metcalf, Anastasiia Sharina, Martin Vishnick


10:00 – Simas Sapiega. Analytical Discourses and Influences of Spectral Music Composition Practices: Spectral Music and Plato’s Concept of Unity

10:30 – Rima Povilionienė. Composing with Microtones in 21st c. Lithuanian Music: From 12-TET Enrichment to Microdimensional Shaping

11:00 – Rytis Mažulis. Integral Principles of Microtonal and Polytemporal Organization of Sound Material in Nedum capillos (2018) for even voices by Rytis Mažulis

11:30 – Vytautas Germanavičius. Microtonal Peculiarities in Lithuanian Folk Songs as the Background for Scale Construction in Bloomy Ice for String Orchestra (2020) by Vytautas Germanavičius

12:00–12:30 Break

12:30 – Thomas Metcalf. Pixelation as a Teleological Strategy in Music Composition

13:00 – Anastasiia Sharina. Teleological Strategies: Aleatory Composition and Alternatives of its Performance (based on the example of Piano Sonata No. 3 AER by Vasyl Tsanko)

13:30 – Martin Vishnick. Decision Making in Improvised Music

14:00 – Diskusija. Uždarymas

Chair: dr. Ramūnas Motiekaitis