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Concert of the European Chamber Music Academy‘s (ECMA) Quartets at Trakai Castle

Concert of the European Chamber Music Academy‘s (ECMA) Quartets at Trakai Castle

Concert was filmed on October 2, 2019 at the Great Hall of Trakai Castle and was part of the European Chamber Music Academy‘s (ECMA) session in Vilnius.

The European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) is an international network connecting 8 European music academies and several European music festivals. ECMA was established in 2006 on the initiative of the prominent professors of chamber music and fosterers of this music genre Hatto Bayerle (viola, Germany) and Johannes Meissl (violin, Austria). ECMA is recognized as the number one “talent factory” of European chamber music ensembles. ECMA forges young European talents focusing on established chamber ensembles – string quartets and grand piano trios.

In 2011, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre was also invited to participate in the activities of the network for its considerable educational achievements in the field of chamber music. Each ECMA session provides an opportunity for young and prospective chamber ensembles to improve their skills, to get professional experience from one of the best specialists of chamber music in the world, and to forge international relations that will be useful for the future international concert activities of the ensembles.

Each of the eight ECMA member academies operating in Austria, Italy, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Lithuania, organises master class meetings on chamber music once a year, which ECMA professors and students attend. Alongside the master classes there are lectures on the different courses of chamber music and the visitors can learn about the culture and traditions of chamber music of the receiving country; chamber ensembles participating in the ECMA courses also organise courses and perform and present new programmes of chamber music which they prepare during the session.

Duration: 70 minutes

Authors / performers

String quartet “Mettis” (Lithuania):
Kostas Tumosa (1st violin)
Bernardas Petrauskas (2nd violin)
Karolis Rudokas (viola)
Rokas Vaitkevičius (cello)

Guitar quartet “Erlendis” (Poland / Denmark):
Anna Chorążyczewska
Adrian Furmankiewicz
Wojciech Jurkiewicz
Karol Mruk

String quartet “Malion” (Germany / Finland):
Hanna Ponkala (1st violin)
Jelena Galić (2nd violin)
Ulla Knuuttila (viola)
Bettina Kessler (cello)


Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)
String quartet op. 76 No. 1
Allegro con spirito
Adagio sostenuto
Menuetto. Presto
Allegro ma non troppo
Perf.: string quartet “Mettis” – Kostas Tumosa (1st violin), Bernardas Petrauskas (2nd violin), Karolis Rudokas (viola), Rokas Vaitkevičius (cello)


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
Prelude and fugue cis-moll, BWV 849
Luigi Boccherini (1743–1805)
Introduction and Fandango
Leo Brouwer (1939)
Cuban Landscape with Rain
Ernesto Lecuona (1895–1963)
Perf.: guitar quartet “Erlendis” – Anna Chorążyczewska, Adrian Furmankiewicz, Wojciech Jurkiewicz, Karol Mruk


Béla Bartók (1881–1945)
String quartet No. 2, Sz. 67
Allegro molto capriccioso
Perf.: string quartet “Malion” – Hanna Ponkala (1st violin), Jelena Galić (2nd violin), Ulla Knuuttila (viola), Bettina Kessler (cello)