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Artfcl live @ Sferos

Artfcl live @ Sferos

From the cycle of electronic and electroacoustic music LIVE sessions. Live broadcast from the LMTA Spatial sound sphere.

In this live stream you will hear unique set, which was made especially for this occasion. The listener will not only hear the music of Artfcl, but also unreleased incoming works of this electronic duo. The band members always reserve the opportunity to change, alter, arrange their own works, so the live version of the performance may differ from the original, which in these times of digitization will put more life into this performance and will let the listener not only to watch and listen the concert, but also feel the creative process that is happening here and now.

Authors / performers

Artfcl (Andrius Laucevičius and Matas Samulionis) is an idea that perfectly reflects current times, where the boundary between the living and digital or electronic worlds sometimes disappears, sometimes a human being becomes a machine and a machine becomes a human being. In music, the band makes sense of this not only by combining live sounds with electronics but also by aligning their roles in the flow of music. An acoustic melodic instrument can mimic electronic rhythmic elements while electronics “sing” their melody. In this way, Artfcl creates a multi-faceted and highly diverse musical language, interweaving many seemingly incompatible styles of music such as IDM, Jazz, Techno, Breaks, Avant-garde, Acid Jazz, Pop, Ambient, Alternative, Electro or Trip-Hop.