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Vecera: Inside Out

Vecera: Inside Out

Live broadcast from the balcony of LMTA Central Building.

Amplification of the seasonal regeneration. After the summer holidays, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, and its Central Palace, revived and pulsated with life. Paulius Večera (VECERA), a B3 year electronic music student, is preparing to “amplify” the direct processes that are taking place in the “body” of the Academy. These sounds of the natural environment become a kind of playground where Paulius will freely express himself by altering, modifying and broadcasting the internal processes of the Academy externally from the Balcony during the usual, daily lunch break.

Visual by Edvinas Šikšnian.

Authors / performers

Vecera (Paulius Večera) – LMTA 3rd year student of the electronic music. Electronica / Experimental / House / Soul, music producer. As a soloist under his pseudonym Vecera started in 2018. Performed in the Great Britain at the Small Seeds Club and at the festivals Baller Room, Mirga Marga. In 2020 , collaborated with LMTA.TV, GMD, Culture Night, Vasarnamis’20.